I write conversational emails and email newsletters that will generate qualified leads and orders from your prospects and clients…

You need to get your message out to your ideal potential clients in language they will understand and engage with. I can help you there…

But this bit, this is meant to be about me, isn’t it?

your man himself, enjoying a cold (nearly empty) beer in Sardinia a year or two back…

Who am I?

I’m Andrew. 

I’m a 50 something email copywriter, I’ll help you devise a profitable email marketing strategy and I’ll write words that will lead your existing or potential client to either ‘buy now’ or take some specific action that will result in a qualified lead for you.

Why you should hire me

I’m good looking, witty, charming and vaguely intelligent.

But they’re not all the reasons…

You get the benefit of 20+ years of B2B & B2C sales experience including several years selling life and protection insurance on commission only

I wrote sales letters and faxes (remember them?) for my employers during that time and I wrote successful lead gen ads for the life and protection gig so I didn’t have to cold call anymore.

(Not my ad, wish I’d kept mine)

Thank God they worked!

There aren’t many copywriters who have that experience. So why does it count?

Because copy is salesmanship in print. Actually, salesmanship multiplied in print. Direct response copy is literally taken from the techniques used by door to door salesmen in 1920’s North America (and subsequently, from the multi billion dollar direct sales industry)

Anyway, the question now is…  

Would you like to use my sales experience and email copywriting skills to get more qualified leads?

If so, here’s

What you should do next…

get in touch…whatsapp/call 07497 002 698

message me via FB or

email andrew@copyandconsult.com or if you prefer,

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