10 Things You Can Do To Get Ready For When The Bell Goes…

Failing to plan is planning to fail…
  1. Speak to all your existing clients if you haven’t already. If you have, update them. Phone, text/WhatsApp, email, Facebook, insta whatever -tell ‘em where you’re at & what prep you’re making or improvements you made for when doors open

2. Ask them what you can to help them now, if anything 

3. Review your internal systems. Stress test them if possible. Do some housekeeping basically

4. Review your supply chain & suppliers/partners

5. Review your prices/pricing strategy

6. Write a new marketing strategy and start implementing it NOW – ( I can help if needed)

7. Make sure you have supplies/resources so you can start selling as soon as the bell goes

8. Check your website, does it fulfil its purpose ie online sales/e-commerce or lead generation? 

9. Check that all the links are working, do you have enough internal & external links? 

10. Make sure potential clients find you & contact you easily

These are just a few ideas I jotted down whilst waiting for my wife the other day.

If I can help you with any specific marketing ideas, strategy or copy, please get in touch…

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