Let Me Put It This Way…

Some of you may have thought yesterday’s post – How To Make More Money – was a bit crude, or too simplistic. 


You have a list of clients and you have a list of prospects.

All you need to do is: 

Ask them why they stopped buying from you (unless you know damn well) or 

Ask them what it would take to start buying from you again or, if a prospect,

Ask them what’s stopping them from buying from you, so far, and what can you do to sweeten the pill

In most cases you can offer them some kind of discount or incentive to get them back into the fold, if you really cocked up maybe a grovelling apology from you aka The Big Cheese AND a discount might do the trick. 

If you completely trashed their trust last time or you simply don’t want them as a client anymore then obviously, leave well enough alone. 

But I imagine those instances are rare if they exist at all. 

Most previous clients can be won back (with a well worded email). Think of what it cost you to acquire them in the first place, the marketing, the sales calls etc.. 

Don’t you want to realise a decent return on that investment? 

You know as well as I do that it costs a shed load more money to attract a new client than to keep hold of the ones you got. 

And with a minimum of effort this time, you can win back the ones who slipped away, usually through a lack of communication or perhaps price. Both fixable. 

So the moral of today’s post – Just Ask. 

I strongly recommend an email to clients and one to prospects, especially those who’ve been sitting on that fence for too long. 

The emails can be written, sent and tracked whilst you get on with the day to day stuff. And hey presto, next time you check your inbox, you may get a few nice surprise orders or ‘when can I book an appointment?’ 

I REFUSE to believe you won’t get at least a few orders or leads from those emails. 

Especially if I write them, on your behalf, as if they came from you, in language they will understand, engage with and more importantly, respond to! 

So, if you recall from yesterday’s post, the deal is: 

I will write two emails for you, one to (lapsed/dormant/previous) clients and one to prospects. 

Both of which will generate either orders or leads you can convert into sales/orders/cold hard cash

Your investment will be just £149 for both emails. 50% paid up front to keep us both accountable and 50% on completion (with one re-write/edit included if absolutely necessary) 

Your return could be £££’s – I don’t know what your average order value is, but I hazard a guess it’s more than £149 right? 

The next step is to email andrew@copyandconsult.com 

Til then…

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