The 3 Most Important P’s In Your Life Right Now

(Picture was for attention getting value only, this isn’t a post about garden peas and how you should definitely have 3 of them in your life, possibly naming them)  

As you may know, there are a LOT of different P’s mentioned in marketing, ‘pillars is a favourite, propositions (steady) and of course, points. 

The only one I remember with any clarity is the 4 P’s of the ultimate sales letter





Possibly because it’s ingrained into my subconscious. 

But that’s another post for another day. Today I want to chat about the 3 most important P’s in your life. 





means you, your team, your external partners and of course, your ideal client. 

You know how important it is to build a team around you that share your passion, belief and values in what you do and how you do it. They sing from the same songsheet

You can rest assured they believe in your business, your product or service(s) and how you deliver them.  They know who your ideal client is and make sure they treat them well, always welcoming, always helpful and always giving them value. 

Next, your external partners which means your product providers, suppliers etc.. 

It is important they know and share in what you do and how you do it. Obviously I’m not talking about your vending machine supplier, or the stationary and copy paper supplier 

No I mean your key partners, if you’re an insurance broker then the Insurers and premium finance providers you work with. 

If you’re a mortgage broker, your lenders panel

 If you install alarms and security systems, whose kit do you recommend to your ideal client and why? 

This is very important. Because it all helps when it comes to…


Whatever it is you sell – products or services.

#1 – it must do exactly what it says on the tin. (Remember those Ronseal ads?)

If it does, then you make those recommendations to your ideal clients with confidence. 

And you can sell with 100% belief and confidence. You will have absolute faith in what you do because you know it is either the best in the market or the best in the price range. 

Or both if you’ve really got your shit toether. 


Always a but isn’t there?  

This is all pointless if you haven’t got your shit together behind the scenes…


Your back office systems and processes must be watertight. 

As automated as possible. But maybe you can’t automate every single cog in the system right? Wrong. 

People are fallible. Even me (I know, shocker) 

You can however make sure that your team know their role inside out and also how it interacts with the rest of team so that your ideal client gets what he ordered as quickly, seamlessly, efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Again, you can see now how important it is to choose your people wisely can’t you? 

You can involve your team and your partners at regular reviews to make sure your systems are as good as they can be. Remember that Japanese phrase? 

Kaizen – Constant and never ending improvement

This a brief excerpt from an ebook I wrote freaking ages ago. If I ever find it I may add it to my portfolio or include it in my next book (the one after the one after the one after I’m writing now) 

Anyway, food for thought eh? 

And here’s an idea, why not feature your 3 P’s in your email newsletter? 




One email per P

They are all stories, except they’re real. Your clients would love to read them. 

Especially if I write them! 

TIl tomorrow…

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