You want the good news or the bad news?

The good news is there only 3 ways you can grow your business. 

Good because you only have to remember 3. They are: 

  1. Get your clients to spend more per order 
  2. Get them to order more often and
  3. Get more customers


But not easy. And that’s the bad news. 

If it was, we’d all be millionaires right? 

I don’t know if you sell products or services, or a combo of both if you’re smart (more on tomorrow) 

It doesn’t really matter. 

What you need in order to achieve all 3 is…

An audience! 

Of current clients and lapsed/dormant clients. 

In a list, and on that list should be their current email address and contact details. 

Then you send them either an email – plain text, no fancy schmancy stuff. 

Or you send them an email newsletter. 

Either way – or both, depending on your audience – you can achieve all 3 of those objectives above with email. 

Even with a lapsed client, you could welcome them back into the fold and get them spending money with you again, regularly.

And the even gooder (yes I know) news is this: 

Emails are passive. They’re like a virtual sales team. 

Sales multiplied in (digital) print. 

So you can get on with running your business day to day, safe in the knowledge that your 3 key objectives are being met whilst you work, rest and play. 

If you’d like me to write those emails for you – I’m doing a very special but limited offer – I will write 3 full emails for you for just £99 – full details here – catch it while you can…

See you tomorrow, 


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